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Hipercard is a Brazilian debit card that is widely recognized there. One of the most widely used payment systems in the country, it was developed by the Ita Bank. The Northeast and the South are most affected by this.

Since its launch in 2010, the number of active Hipercards has increased to over 13 million. However, it has a much longer history, dating all the way back to 1969 when it was initially issued as a loyalty card for Bompreço grocery stores. By 1993, it was functioning fully as a credit card, acceptable at a wide range of businesses.


It is now possible to use this payment method to make deposits at online casinos, making it a popular option for gamblers. Virtual currency is a safe and convenient way to make rapid deposits. The banking option is accepted at a wide variety of international online casinos.

Gambling using a Hipercard: The How-To


Follow the steps outlined below to obtain a Hipercard and begin making deposits and withdrawals from your online casino account right now.


Start Using Hipercard Today!

Apply for a card at any Walmart, Bompreço, or Sam’s Club location.

Applying for a Hipercard can also be done by calling their support line.

Within five business days, you will receive the card in the mail.

The money loaded into the card can be used right away.

Transfer Money Into Your Casino Account

Go to any casino accepting Hipercard, pick one, and sign up for an account.

To pay with a credit card, just head to the checkout page.

Enter the Hipercard information and the deposit amount into the appropriate fields.

Verify the information and proceed with the transaction if everything checks out.

Withdrawal Instructions

The ‘Withdraw’ tab can be found in the cashier section.

Put in the withdrawal amount you would want to make.

If withdrawals may be made through credit card, insert the necessary details here.

You can also receive your reward via bank transfer by selecting this option and entering the necessary information.

Hipercard’s advantages for online gambling


When it comes to online gaming, what advantages does the Hipercard payment mechanism provide its customers? Here are a few of the benefits you can expect from utilizing a card of this type.


Online gamblers will always prioritize a quick and simple process when selecting a payment option. The Hipercard facilitates this because it only requires the input of a few key pieces of information in order to fund a gambling account. Credit cards are commonplace because everyone uses them. Hipercard is similar in that it provides a quick and easy way to add funds to your account.



Hipercard is not only a hassle-free payment method, but also a safe one. The funds on your card are encrypted and safeguarded by state-of-the-art security measures. This ensures that your financial data is safe whenever you make a deposit to your preferred online casino. Your credit card information is encrypted and protected from prying eyes.


Easily Operated

For many things, simplicity is essential. One of Hipercard’s best qualities is how easy it is to use the card to make an online deposit. It’s associated with the prestigious and ubiquitous Mastercard brand in Brazil and beyond.


This increases its allure and facilitates its use by a large number of people seeking online slot machines, live casino content, and other games.


Smartphone Program

You can make purchases without actually having the card with you. The Hipercard is linked to a mobile app that allows you to make purchases from your phone or tablet.


In light of the fact that many modern online casinos now cater to mobile users, this is a tremendous convenience. The convenience of mobile applications for making deposits and withdrawals, as well as for keeping tabs on expenditure, contributes to the promotion of responsible gaming.


Online ID Card

Hipercard’s virtual card feature in the mobile app is another viable solution. This allows you to utilize a virtual card instead of a physical one, eliminating the requirement for a physical card altogether. Because virtual credit cards are so difficult to misplace, this improves credit card safety.

Pick a Hipercard Casino to Play at


Many of the top online slot sites accept Hipercard, so it’s a good bet if you want to play there. Learn some tips for picking the ideal Hipercard gambling establishment.


Verify the Maximum Allowable Deposits

There are certain online casinos that limit players based on the way they use to fund their account. Hipercard works just like any other credit card, so you can easily find out how much money you may put on it by checking the card’s transaction limitations.


You can check your withdrawal limit while making a withdrawal request from your casino account. Since sites’ restrictions vary, it’s advisable to look for one that provides a generous cap on both types of exchanges.


Check out the Ads

There are few roadblocks that can prevent a card user from qualifying for casino deposit bonuses. As a new user, you may be eligible for a welcome bonus at your preferred site if you sign up with Hipercard and make a purchase. You may learn more about any bonus deals, free spins, cashback, VIP benefits, and so on that a website or app offers by going to the Promotions page.


It is recommended to check out the platform’s current offers before signing up.


Examine the Various Software Vendors

Online casino games provided by a Hipercard-accepting casino should always be of the highest possible quality. Many companies throughout the world provide access to and membership on sites that run on high-quality software.


You’ll have a better time playing at a casino if it supports a wider variety of popular, high-quality software companies. When you enter these games with a Hipercard deposit, the gaming lobby will be considerably more exciting.

Hipercard Information


Below you’ll find some supplementary details on the Hipercard credit card. More information is available with further investigation.


Certification of Financial Hipercard

Itabank is the issuing bank for the Hipercard. Located in the heart of So Paulo, this is Brazil’s largest bank. Hipercard is able to offer its payment services in Brazil because of this connection.


Access to Hipercards

The Hipercard is now only accessible in Brazil. However, it can be used on many international online stores and money transfer services.


Backing from Hipercard

The Hipercard Frequently Asked Questions section on the bank’s website is usually a good place to start if you’re having trouble. There you can learn more about the Hipercard and the other services offered by Ita. Credit cards issued by the bank have their own subheading.


Hipercard Problem Reporting

If you have a question that isn’t answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the bank’s website, then you should contact customer care. You can start by sending a private message or making a phone call to the staff. You can search through the available options until you locate the right number.



Overall, it’s safe to state that Hipercard is a first-rate payment method for online gaming in Brazil. It’s a credit card that’s different from the standard, yet it still uses the Mastercard system. Using this method of payment for online gaming is simple, and gamblers can enjoy a number of advantages.


Frequently Asked Questions about Hipercard

Learn more about the Hipercard payment system by reading the frequently asked questions provided below.


Who can get a Hipercard and utilize it?


Brazilians can use the Hipercard to play at online casinos.


If I have a Hipercard, how can I withdraw funds?


Since the Hipercard is a credit card, it cannot be used to withdraw cash. Credit can only be used for purchases made through the website.


Where do I go to get a Hipercard?


You can apply for a Hipercard by calling their customer service line or visiting any Walmart, Bompreço, or Sam’s Club location.

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