Illinois’ Casino Scene

Illinois will allow sports betting in 2020. This is true for both brick-and-mortar establishments and their virtual counterparts. However, this state has yet to legalize online casinos. While a few US states have passed legislation to officially recognize internet casinos, the vast majority of them have not.

Riverboat casinos in Illinois allow gamblers to partake in standard casino games. There are now ten of them available. There are actual ships there, as well as man-made structures perched on the riverbanks just a few feet above the sea. Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other casino staples may all be found here.

When it comes to slot machines, Illinois is in a league of its own. Up to six slot machines may be installed in non-casino businesses in Illinois. Slot machines are therefore the most played casino game in this state.

Curiosities about the State

I heard that Illinois has more slot machines than the state of Nevada. Yes, over 30,000 slots were reported in Illinois in the previous year. When compared, Nevada’s population is under 20,000.

Another surprising statistic is that you may find approximately 7,000 places in Illinois to play these games. However, the vast majority of those establishments do not qualify as casinos.

Up to six slot machines can be set up in a variety of businesses in Illinois, according the state’s gaming laws. This category includes not just typical businesses like pubs and restaurants, but also more niche ones like truck stops and headquarters for veteran’s groups. All that is required is that they be in one of the several cities where gaming machines are legal.

Casinos in Illinois

There are currently no Indian casinos in the state of Illinois. That, however, will soon alter. There are now six new casinos being built in Illinois by Native American tribes. In 2021, they plan to welcome their first customers.

Slot machines are available in a variety of Illinois casinos till then. If they prefer to play roulette, baccarat, or poker at a table, they may also head down to the river. The Rivers Casino in Des Plaines is the most well-known of Illinois’ ten riverboat casinos.

Not being located on a boat is an unusual twist to this riverboat casino. The casino itself is barely a few inches above the Des Plaines River, as it was built into a shallow pit. The casino’s owners sidestepped Illinois legislation by erecting their establishment so close to the river.

Multiple other large casinos in Illinois used this similar strategy in order to classify themselves as riverboat casinos. However, the Casino Queen, the Grand Victoria Casino Elgin, and the Argosy Casino Alton are just a few of the Illinois riverboat casinos that are really built on legitimate ships.

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